It's not refurbishing, its rePHOBishing!

I was tired of seeing obnoxiously priced custom GameCube controllers. What if I just wanted a plain ol' controller with a PhobGCC Motherboard? I wanted to make getting a long lasting controller with Hall effect sensors more affordable. Sure you could make your own and as a maker, I welcome that!

I'm calling this the GCC RePhobification Effort. Utilizing old/used OEM controllers, clean them up, replacing any damaged or broken sticks, buttons, etc. Salvaging what I can from the OEM Motherboards, and replacing it with a PhobGCC motherboard.

What is a PhobGCC?

The PhobGCC is a replacement motherboard for Gamecube controllers that reads stick position using magnets and Hall effect sensors instead of potentiometers that can wear out. It offers an advanced digital snapback filter that doesn't reduce responsiveness and actually improves responsiveness in Melee. It also features gate calibration, swappable buttons, and facilitates installation of discrete switches on the D-pad, face, and Z-buttons.